Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Question #1


Are outside services allowed? 

NaKayshions packages come with the majority of services built in and you won't need to add or do too much. However; we do respect a clients’ freedom of choice to bring in their own license caterer, photographer, decorations, alcohol and vendors with some restrictions.

Customer Question #2


What happens if it rains?


An outdoor Wedding or an Event including a Reception will be moved indoors to the Grand Hall due to inclement weather at no cost. An Outdoor Wedding or Event not including a reception will be moved indoors to the Historic Chapel or Rose Room.

Customer Qeustion #3


 Where Do I Sit at a Wedding?


Ultimately, the decision belongs to the couple, whether to make it open seating or not. Traditionally, the bride's guests will sit on the left facing the altar and the groom's guests will sit on the right with the first row on each side being reserved for the immediate family. 

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